Heathy, Happy Holidays

My body has plateaued . It happens . I’m still training hard. Weights 2-3 times a week, swimming 2-3 times a week and Pilates once a week. I’m keeping active in between and my diet is super clean. But every so often my body just says no!! Honestly? My body feels quite happy at a size 12-14 if I let it. Im just over 5’8, with big strong legs, child baring hips , a handful of boobs and some junk in my trunk. I was never designed to look athletic. However – I know it’s within my boundaries to look long, lean and defined. Because I’ve been there before, it’s hard work, but it’s ‘achievable’ whilst still retaining my curves. I’m grateful for my curves! The word ‘achievable ‘ is important to keep in mind when you’re ‘goal setting’ . It’s important to remember- most of the images we see in the media are heavily airbrushed.

I am by no means ‘dissing’ this body. I’ve never had a thigh gap… bothered? Nope, I can squat/deadlift more than most of my male friends , I’ve never had a six pack… bothered? No- whilst they look great, and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for those that seem to maintain such a thing… it’s never been something that’s bothered me. We all have our own ideals. We ALL beat ourselves up about weight/certain body parts.








Do I still train on holiday? Yes. For me it’s a mental thing as well as physical. If I don’t remain active then I’m a grumpy lass. I still have my down time, don’t get me wrong! A Holiday is a holiday, and I’ll indulge in the odd cocktail or plate of chips. But a full ‘blow out’ for a week?? No thankyou! Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I’ve been there, done that – got home and felt like I needed an extra large T-shirt! It’s just not worth it for me. Im very lucky in as much that I adore seafood, veg and salads, so I find eating clean on holiday a doddle, in fact sometimes easier than when I’m at home. I like to take the opportunity to ‘reset’ my body. Plenty of rest, some weight training, lots of swimming and the odd treat. Have a think about the last time you got back from holiday after over indulging for a week or two … was it worth the feeling of exhaustion? The 10lbs weight gain? The water retention, the inflammation, the dodgy digestion, the two week hangover?? Thought not. Moderation and consistency – two key words in any healthy lifestyle! It’s also about small changes, instead of that Pina Colada (approx 180 calories) make a swap for something like vodka and Diet Coke (approx 60 calories) Gin and Slimeline tonic, a glass of prossecco or champagne. Instead of chips chargrilled veg, sweet potato wedges or rice. Instead of ice cream – sorbet.








In terms of exercise on holiday- we have a three year old … so we’re pretty much on our feet the whole time. We take it in turns to capture little pockets of reading/sunbathing time in betwixt the fun and games. There isn’t always a gym available on holiday – but guess what? You don’t need one! We both LOVE beach workouts! We tend to head down early and do just that while Alfie plays in the sand. Walking lunges across a beach is a much better view than the inside of a gym. Here’s an example of one of our beach work outs!

*High Knees 20 seconds
*Jump squats – 20 seconds
*Reverse lunges 20 seconds
*Plank- 20 seconds

Rest 60/90 seconds

Repeat 4/5 times

We also love a nice long walk and picnic on holiday… all of these things cost nothing!









We should all drink more of it. That’s what were told. By doctors, PTs, nutritionists, media. CORRECT! But WHY? What are the benefits??

*reduced Sugar cravings
*Better skin
* Better energy levels
*Better concentration
* Relives fatigue
* Flushes our toxins
* Boosts Immune system
* Aids weight loss
* Prevents constipation
* Reduces headache

Pretty good eh??
Upon waking up each day Tom and I drink a pint of water first thing to give ourselves a head start. Alfie has always been encouraged to drink plenty of water too- we often add some sliced strawberry or lemons to a jug of water to give it more flavour – this is much better than buying flavoured waters- as they are full of either sugar, sweetener or both!!



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